Digital Identity


Kirin Release

Kirinᵅ Release

Digital Identity (DID) is the starting point and genetic system for any digital account in the Quarkonium ecosystem. Each DID instance has a set of common fields and a unique {key:value} collection.

How to Use

As a system-wide component of the Quarkonium system, DID is required by a system account or developer account throughout the account lifetime.

A Use Case

» Alex, a system account user, login Quarkonium Cloud with the DID did-alex and the private key.

» Alex quarkonized a cryptonomy by pulling and running a Quarkonium image/container on his own computing platform with a specific domain pointing to and ssh://

» Alex login the Dasset control panel with his DID and private key, and launched a Dasset emulator.

» Alex dassetized a financial system from the Dasset emulator by configuring the built-in facilities DAO, DAS, DAP, etc. to his Quarkonium cryptonomy

» Alex created a market named "Coupon" by clicking a button in the admin console of Technically, Alex activated the facility DAO to create a validator address (a public key) so as to initiate a channel according to the blockchain information exchange (BIX) protocol.

Get Started

Visit Quark Cloud to register a DID and start your journey!


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