Digital Asset System


Kirin Release

Kirinᵅ Release

Digital Asset System (DAS) is the value transformer of the dasset in the Quarkonium ecosystem. Each DAS instance enforces the transformation of digital assets in a formatted way into the omni dasset.

How to Use

DAS solution provides a WYSIWYG tool to deal with hashed dasset in a certain repository system.

Dassetization, different from digitalization or digitization, is a key concept usually used in DAS. Basic processes as flow:

Dassetizing DAS

» Activating DAS in Dasset Emulator
» Initiating Genesis Reserve in DAS
» Configuring Reserve Instances

Validating Market Instances

» Approving Market Instances
» Registering Market Instances

Validating Circle Instances

» Configuring Autonomy of Regulation » Launching the Autonomy based Blackbox


» Signing
» Depositing
» Margin Locking
» Registration
» Hashing
» Endowing and Pricing
» Amortization
» Centrifuging
» Deregistration
» Release

Get Started

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