Digital Asset Platform


Kirin Release

Kirinᵅ Release

Digital Asset Platform (DAP) is the transvaluation platform of the dasset in the Quarkonium ecosystem. Each DAP instance presents the ecosystem-wide markets by Circle.

How to Use

As a born component of the Internet of Value, DAP is associated with the dasset throughout its lifetime within the Circle instance.

DAP solution provides a WYSIWYG tool to deal with dasset exchange among different dasset markets/channels.

Dassetization is the prerequisite key concept for the implementation of DAP. Basic processes as follow:

Dassetizing DAO and DAS

» Activating DAO and DAS in Dasset Emulator
» Initiating Genesis Market in DAO
» Initiating Genesis Reserve in DAS
» Registering Market Instances in Reserve
» Dasset Trading and Transferring

Dassetizing DAP

» Activating DAP in Dasset Emulator » Initiating Genesis Circle in DAP
» Registering or Pulling Circle Instances
» Converting Market Instances into Circle Instances
» Starting Interstellar Exchanging

Get Started

Visit Quark Cloud to register a DID and start your journey!


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